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Let there be light! (Energy-efficient, low-carbon light, that is). City of London energy-efficient lighting plans to save £500,000 a year

"Being an optimist isn’t about knowing that life used to be worse. It’s about knowing how life can get better." The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation annual letter is all about the evidence for optimism.

"Nothing gets done without optimism." Well said @CFigueres! Check out how optimism played a major role in the negotiations behind the #ParisClimateAccord:

Solving #climatechange means transforming some of our industries. Especially energy, travel and agriculture. It also means new industries, new jobs and new products need to be invented. What an exciting challenge! Share your stories with us, the #ClimateOptimist's!

We couldn't agree more Sarah! Optimism has power. Humanity has eradicated diseases, overcome great injustices and even reached the stars because enough of us believed we could. Let's put #ClimateChange on this list we are #Climateoptimist's


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