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It's #Climathon day! Do you know what actions you can take in your daily life to help solve climate change? Make sure to check out #GoodLifeGoals 13, Act on Climate.

Reminder as #Climathon starts - 14% of global population are now climate fatalists and those fatalists are YOUNG!


We choose belief in a better future. We choose action. We choose hope. Solving climate change starts with the belief that we can. We are climate optimists. Opt In @ClimateOptimism #Climathon

Inspo for all those at #Climathon today! Remember that we must, we can and we will solve #climatechange. It’s that simple. And that difficult. Which makes optimism essential. It’s the attitude that inspires progress! #ClimateOptimist

#Climathon supporter Dame @ellenmacarthur says young people today can transform the world within a decade. Let's make history! 🌍💪


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